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Aging…My 2 cents worth

Aging…My 2 cents worth

“What the HECK is going on?”

That Question goes on in all of our minds, when, after 30, one day we look in the mirror…

Although we consider ourselves fairly healthy, practice yoga regularly, drink plenty of water, and consume a balanced diet… And, although we never truly bought in to the luxury skin care craze, we all have tried a number of products from brands like Olay and Estee Lauder.

Still, around 30, we stare at signs of aging that we had never noticed before: visibly deeper wrinkles, puffy saggy eyes and skin that seemed to look dull and lifeless. What is the real surprise, is that these signs came quickly almost as if they appeared overnight.

Why don’t we see that picture in the mirror until the lines are deep and the skin lifeless?

“Look, I understand that getting older is inevitable and I’m not willing to fill my face with botox….yet. I just don’t understand why I show 10 years of aging in only the last few weeks? It just doesn’t make sense to me.” Many say.

So what are the three aspects of aging?

The three facts of aging

1) The aging process accelerates with time. For example starting at the age of 18, the average person loses 1% of collagen & elastin each and every year. By the time we reach mid thirties, the loss rate of collagen & elastin doubles to 2%. By the time we reach our 50s, that rate has doubled again to around 4%.

2) Much like the tip of an iceberg, our body and our skin ages every day but you may not notice these signs until they build up to a point when they suddenly become visible. It’s called the “tipping point”. What we notice all of the sudden, is the result of a degradation process that started at the age of 18.

3) The truth is that vast majority of skin creams don’t deliver what they promise and in fact studies show that over time, they can actually age your skin faster. For example, products like Nivea contain nothing but petroleum by-products that make your skin feel temporarily hydrated because they coat the outside layer of your skin, but they do nothing to support the crucial collagen & elastin matrix in the dermis layer that support healthy skin. Over time these synthetic ingredients degrade healthy cell activity essentially degrading your skin faster. The fact is most big brands are aware of this, but as long as consumers continue to purchase, there is no incentive to change the status quo.

“So then what are my option? How do I know who and what to trust?”  You might ask

Some beauty gurus have an opinion or two..

“Why is it that some people will show the visible signs of aging faster than others? People ask all the time. As you can imagine, the answer is not that simple. Genetics will account for about 40%. Lifestyle choices like smoking, not enough water and lack of exercise account for another 30%. The other 30% depends on the products and regimen that many people choose.” . That’s my opinion and what I have seen in the past years of my life and career.

“The science of anti-aging has improved so much in the last 20 years but many stick to what they know. For example, take a skin cream that you can buy from your local drug store. Have you read some of the ingredients? They are basically petroleum derivatives. It simply coats the outer layer of your skin and makes you feel hydrated but it does nothing to actually address the root causes of skin damage and skin aging. In the meantime free radicals are wreaking havoc on your collagen matrix. So it shouldn’t be a surprise then that after 10 – 20 years of using that sort of skin cream your skin shows that damage.”

“Thankfully consumers are more knowledge now and the trend is changing for the better. The new and most effective approach is to protect the cells responsible for regeneration, to repair the damaged structures and to maintain the right levels of activity for the self-repairing enzymes.” –

So bottom line, invest in what is good…if its inexpensive, there is a reason. Unfortunately. Does it mean that you have to spend a fortune on your skin? Well…go in your cabinet, see how many products you have, $10., $5. Products. Add up the cost. I guarantee that you HAVE already spent a fortune on awful products. What you need is simple…Cleanser, Toner, Serum and moisturizer. A good line, an organic, free of bad stuff line. Forget the magazine and general adds…they are not after your health, they are after your money. If you want me to help you, come to see me. Skin care is my passion and a beautiful face, my masterpiece!



Hi Darling.
Are there any products you recommend for us women in our fifties?
Hope you are keeping well you’re looking well.
Love you and miss you xxxx

Hey beautiful! The solution is that we need to live next door to one another again!!…Maybe one day…as for now, what are your concerns? what are you using now? Are you willing to get some stuff on line? I really am unaware of what is available to you, but via on line, the world is at your door steps, right? Let me know and I can send you some suggestions.
I miss you!!

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