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The Elements – Water



Cassandra Fitzgerald – The Elements – Water

…The long days of an endless summer kept the grove thirsty for water and shade. The little creatures of the land were tired and the trees, lifeless; everyone needed the energies of the Rain Spirit, the coolness of a cloudy sky. So Water decided to keep on flowing, even if once a strong river, was now barely a stream…

Our new series of photos that will head to publication later this year is officially titled – The Elements. Its a continuation of the Guardians of the Forest.
The first of the series was shot on film and digital.
Model: Cassandra Fitzgerald
Styling and Concept: Assunta Napoleone
Story: Assunta Napoleone
Photography: Assunta + Russell Photographers
Make-Up and Hair: Assunta  Napoleone
Wardrobe: Assunta Napoleone
Location: Whatcom Falls, Bellingham, WA