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The Elements – Earth


Elements – Earth

Claudia Ridgway – The Elements – Earth

I am the Goddess of Earth

I am the keeper of the sacred earth, Goddess of growth and stability

I am the womb that nourishes all living things

I am the giver of all good things. Within my womb all things are sacred

I am the stable and the strong. I am that who is unchanging and secure

Place your roots within me and you will always return home

I am the mother of all living things, my love is the source of all life

Our new series of photos that will head to publication later this year is officially titled – The Elements. Its a continuation of the Guardians of the Forest. There is going to be a big launch for the book in 2018.
The third of the series was shot on film and digital.
Model: Claudia Ridgway
Styling and Concept: Assunta Napoleone
Story: Assunta Napoleone
Photography: Assunta + Russell Photographers
Make-Up and Hair: Assunta  Napoleone
Wardrobe: Assunta Napoleone