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What is beauty? – It’s not all glamor, make up and size one.

What is beauty? – It’s not all glamor, make up and size one.

Native American Woman Portrait

What is beauty? – It’s not all glamor, make up and size one.

According to the Webster dictionary, Beauty is described, defined as: The quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit.

To me beauty is a state of mind, an inner sense, it’s what you train your eye to see. Case in point; I own two lovely Native American drums, I have bought and gifted three others, the place I go to buy them is Ralph Acers in Everson, WA. Ralph is a taxidermy, he has Natives working for him and the instruments, things he sells have soul, they are different in feel and look than the sterile looking stuff you buy on line or at a county fair. As you walk in his shop, the smell is overwhelming, honestly, it stinks…for just a minute or two though, after that, what I see, is an amazing macabre beauty everywhere…On walls, on tables, on the floor…It feels like another world, death everywhere, big jaws bones stripped clean and made into rattles, stuffed black bears quietly holding a corner space; you get the idea. Yet, even among death, there is beauty and I will go there again and again V/S the retail stores everywhere.
From an artist eye, beauty is not seen by the eye, but rather by the soul; There is beauty in a dried up flower, in a child crying for not having his way, in a homeless person sitting on a street corner…Real life has beauty to capture, to share, to celebrate. Real beauty carries a message. It’s not all glamor, make up and size 1. Beauty is the soul of a person that shines through that you want to capture and hold on forever. True beauty is deep, way deeper than any cosmetic companies can reproduce.
When we photograph people, in a…say wedding, portrait, boudoir…the first thing we do is size the person, what is she/he really like? Shy? Outgoing? Sensuous…What is she/he really like…inside? Forget the make-up, the cool clothes and hair do. Who are these people inside? From that first interview we know who we are dealing with. From that point on, we decide where and how we can pose these people, how can we make their inner beauty shine through the lenses and be captured in a photograph. How can we have a total stranger look at that photograph and stare at it for 15 minutes because he sees something worth staring at and not just a pretty face or pretty body. True beauty is captivating, it remains ingrained in the soul of those who see it. That is why art is immortal.  We, as artist are not after your superficiality, anyone can capture that, we are after immortalizing your soul. So next time you think of a photo session and are shopping around for the best photographer for you, see how they approach you.  Do you just show up in a mall and have your photo taken, against a cookie cutter back ground, are you just quick buck?, another body? Or do you have soul, an inner beauty that, once captured by a true professional, will make passerby stop in awe? Or yourself, loved ones or strangers go fuzzy inside for years to come? Next time you feel down, not pretty enough, or you feel on top of the world, know that out there are artists like ourselves that can bring something hidden inside you that make you feel you are THE most awesome, sexy, beautiful, captivating star in this big amazing universe…because YOU ARE!!!….Let us show you!…
Keep smiling you gorgeousness,

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