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Beast of the Beauty – A Discussion of Make-up, Cosmetics and Toxic Ingredients

Beast of the Beauty – A Discussion of Make-up, Cosmetics and Toxic Ingredients

Assunta Napoleone working with a client during a session.

Beast of the Beauty – Darkroom Chronicles

Ciao again, Assunta here with the second of a few articles entitled The Beast of the Beauty. I will expose a few of the super toxic ingredients present in our daily personal care products. Yeah, I know, I’m the party-pooper, but I believe in having our eyes open and risk nothing to make someone rich. Remember, big corporations (food industries, medical, beauty industries, etc…) are not here to make us healthy, they are here to make money. A healthy person is not a money making person. If you want to follow this thread, it started with our last newsletter. Might be good for you to read that one first.

I will list below just a few common ingredients for you to be aware of. READ labels, please! Your health is at stake.

  • Parabens (Methy,Butyl, Ethyl, Propyl): Used as preservatives. Not always labeled. Used in deodorants and other skin care products, have been found in breast cancer tumors. May contribute to male sterility, hormonal imbalance and early puberty
  • Benzoyl Peroxide: Widely use in acne products, the MSDS states: Possible tumor promoter. May act as a mutagen: produces DNA damage in human and other mammals. Also toxic by inhalation. Eye, skin and respiratory irritant
  • Sunscreen chemicals: Avobenzone, Benzphenone, Ethoxycinnamate, PABA and commonly used ingredients that are known free radical generators and are believed to damage DNA and lead to cancer
  • Tridosan: Synthetic antibacterial ingredient. EPA registers it as a pesticide, posing risks to human health and environment. Classified as a chlorophenol, chemicals suspected of causing cancer in humans.

I will stop at four ingredients…will write about more in the next newsletter. These above are a few to get you going and to start to look for them in products. Once a doctor I worked with said to me: “Do not come to me with a problem if you don’t have a solution”. So we have a problem…listed above; what is the solution? I am going to suggest Jody, a beautiful lady, owner of Triple Goddess. 360-540-0185. Jody makes and sells her own skin care line made mainly with honey. I will talk about this wonderful super food that is amazing for everything, in a future post. Alaffia is another awesome skin care line that I recommend, found at the Co-Op and health food stores. Dr. Harushka is another super awesome line, a little spendier than the others but, we can all afford the things we really want, right? Aveda is good but they do sneak a few no-no ingredients, if however, you are more inclined to see faster results, then Dr. Harushka and Aveda is it. Remember, however, that the major multinational beauty companies face a lot of pressure to keep costs low, and use a lot of cheap synthetic petrochemical ingredients.

And that is all for this issue…Be safe…Read labels and ciao ciao for now!

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